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We love to travel

Save money when you travel
Earn money when others travel
Become an owner in new travel brands

Global Travel and Tourism; $8.8 trillion

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We are dead serious; you could soon be traveling the world for free. When you share us with others you start earning sharing commissions. This can quickly grow into thousands of euro every month, money you can spend or save up to your next holiday. On top of this you can earn Travel Points which can be spent towards travel and special member offers.

Save money when you travel

We are launching new travel brands which offer significant savings. We are on average 10-20% cheaper than and, and as we grow, we will offer savings on all kinds of travel.

Earn money when others travel

Share our travel brands with your friends and on social media and start earning sharing commissions when people book with our travel brands. You can also earn sharing commissions on our membership fees.

Invest in new travel brands

In ASPIRING investors become brand ambassadors, people who are passionate about sharing our travel brands, and ASPIRING, with others. This is the future of building businesses and brands.

Are you ready to make your dreams into reality?

You can join ASPIRING for free and learn more about our travel vision. You can also start earning money right away by sharing us with others. As a free member you earn 12.5% sharing commission on all purchases made by people referred by you. Paid members can earn more, and have more income opportunities. Our travel community membership starts from €20 per month.

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