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ASPIRING is a unique concept where we together as a community create new and innovating travel brands. The global Travel & Tourism sector is the second-fastest growing sector in the world, in fact, it generates 10.4% of all global economic activity. Are you ready to become part of the next global travel brand?  

Travel and Tourism sector; $8 800 billion annually
Online booking market; $200 billion annually

In ASPIRING we are building the true shared economy. As a part of our crowd (community) you can support innovating ideas and become an owner through our unique shared ownership model. You can join our crowd marketing team and build our brands by sharing, earning thousands per month. Our business model enables everyone to find their way of life; with us you can earn a passive income or you can build your own business together with us.

Why should I join ASPIRING?

You can of course access our travel brands without being a member, but as part of our crowd you will enjoy special benefits, such as lower prices. You can choose between the free membership or our paid membership which has more benefits. You can even start to share us with others and get paid, for free. But the major benefit as a member is that you can support our new and innovating concepts, creating long term wealth and prosperity.

Travel Innovation

Our visions are to create a travel universe where we will offer a wide range of concepts, creating brands which will be recognised worldwide. Our first brand will be within hotel bookings, we will offer 600 000 hotels at competitive prices, often costing less per night than what you get from the big well-known booking brands. We have also partnered with a company offering shared ownership in hotels and holiday rentals, in the future your friends might stay at a hotel you own.


Travel bookings generates massive wealth

You might think that all the booking advertising you see are booking sites competing with each other to offer you the best price, it could not be further from the truth. The reality is that two companies control $190 billion of the $200 billion annual booking market, using a wide range of brands to make you think there is real competition in this market. The booking market need new brands to challenge these two, and anyone with success in this marketplace will build a multi-million business.

In 2012 Trivago was valued at $1 billion when Expedia bought 61% of their business. The same year KAYAK was bought for $1.8 billion by Priceline, a booking empire valued at $100 billion in 2019. In 2015 Expedia bough HomeAway for $3.9 billion. And recently Airbnb bought their first hotel booking brand, for $500 million. Building a booking brand can generate massive wealth