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We are a community of angel investors who back early stage businesses. Some of the world’s biggest companies started with the backing of angel investors.

 The average angel investor invests a median of €25,000, but it can go as high as €100 000+. But what if you don’t know someone who can come up with 25K? The reality is that most entrepreneurs fail to raise enough funding to launch their business. We are changing this, as a community of angel investors Aspiring give entrepreneurs an alternative to fund their ideas.

Are you an entrepreneur looking for funding, click here, if you consider becoming an angel investor continue reading learn more.

Aspiring is not a crowdfunding site. We invite entrepreneurs to present their ideas to our community, our members then invest directly in their business. The investment amount is kept low to ensure that the risk of investing is limited. No matter how promising an idea seem the risk of investing is very high at the angel stage. Typically you can invest between €100 and €1000. We have partnered with a financial company which manages the payments to ensure we meet European financial requirements.

Most people want to become financially independent, so why do so few people get there? Building financial security on your own is not easy, this is why we launched ASPIRING – a financial community and a business where we together can achieve our financial goals.


Financials are a key element of our lives, so what makes better sense than to connect our vision through an innovative financial platform? Your new and rewarding lifestyle include our own financial brand, owned by our members. A full range of banking services, licensed in Europe.


Shared ownership is the future of business, therefore ASPIRING will be owned by its members, so that our success can be shared with thousands. Together we will build financial security for the future, make sure you dont miss out on this opportunity, join us today and start sharing a business you own.

Aspiring Crowd Marketing Limited, 3 Cavendish Row, D01 A2T5 Dublin, Ireland

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