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10 000% return on your investment?

We all dream about hitting the big jackpot. This one lottery ticket or investment that will secure out financial future. unfortunately, winning the lottery is not an easy task, it is close to impossible to secure the big prize – and its also comes down to pure luck, there is nothing you can do to increase your chances of winning. So how do you get a massive return?

The advantages of the real sharing economy

In ASPIRING we are building the real sharing economy, it is beneficial to everyone involved, its fair and its transparent. The real sharing economy has some great advantages over traditional business models, read on and learn why you need to get involved.


Nustay is a Danish booking brand challenging Booking Holdings and Expedia Group, which control 95% of the booking market. Started in 2014 Nustay is by no mean a new player, but recently raised more funding to grow their market share in what seem to be one of the most competitive markets on earth.

The Booking Industry

The booking industry is controlled by two companies, creating a duopoly where there is hardly any competition, which again lead to higher prices for the consumers. You might think all the advertising you see is from a wide range of business, you could not be more wrong, most of the brands you see advertising is owned by Booking Holdings and Expedia Group.

Booking brands are highly valuable

The booking industry have seen some massive takeovers. Travel brands don’t come cheap when you want to create a duopoly, the cost can easily become billions of dollars to secure the right brand and booking site. Most recently Airbnb bought their first hotel booking site, who would ever have imagined this a few years ago.

Robots Coming To Take 36 Million jobs

One quarter of US jobs could be replaced by robots within the next 5 to 20 years. That is 36 million jobs lost, in the US alone. People need to act now to ensure they adapt to the changes and get skills that are not that easily replaced by machines. The speed of automation will probably increase as the world enters a recession, this is expected to happen in 2020 which mean people urgently need to take action and adapt.