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Sharing Economy

Create financial security

Crowd funding has over the years gotten a lot of media attention, you kind of get a feeling that everyone is investing, but the reality is that most people have still to make their first crowd funding investment. Even worse, most people have yet to make their first investment overall. A lot of people actually consider their home an investment, which it is not, it is a place you live. So why don’t people invest?

The advantages of the real sharing economy

In ASPIRING we are building the real sharing economy, it is beneficial to everyone involved, its fair and its transparent. The real sharing economy has some great advantages over traditional business models, read on and learn why you need to get involved.

P2P marketing, the future of marketing

Millennials is changing how marketing is done. With an age between 18-34 they are quickly becoming the biggest consumer group in the world, in the US they have already surpassed the Baby Boomers (age 51-69) which was the group every marketer targeted for several decades. What sets the Millennials apart from other groups is the fact that they rely on other people’s opinion and not on marketing when they make their purchases. To reach out to the Millennials a totally new marketing strategy is required, P2P marketing.

P2P Financials

The Global Financial crisis of 2007-08 changed the global financial landscape dramatically resulting in the disruption of the conventional models of finance. With very limited financing available from banks and other financial institutions businesses had to look elsewhere for funding, which led to the creation of what we today know as crowd funding. Businesses being funded by individuals marked the birth of the era of the distributed Peer-to-Peer finance model which today is transforming the financial world.