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One quarter of US jobs could be replaced by robots within the next 5 to 20 years. That is 36 million jobs lost, in the US alone. People need to act now to ensure they adapt to the changes and get skills that are not that easily replaced by machines. The speed of automation will probably increase as the world enters a recession, this is expected to happen in 2020 which mean people urgently need to take action and adapt.

The report was published by US think tank Brookings Institution, claiming that roughly 36 million Americans hold jobs with “high exposure” to automation — meaning at least 70 percent of their tasks could soon be performed by machines using current technology. Among those most likely to be affected are cooks, waiters and others in food services; short-haul truck drivers; and clerical office workers.

The report claim that most people will find new jobs, but there is great uncertainty about this as we are entering an era where new technology don’t create new jobs like it did in the past. In the past there was an increasing demand for everything, this is not the case today. Add to this that people are getting paid less, many live on credit, and we have a huge problem when a recession hits the economy.

In Aspiring we believe that each of us needs to create our own security and a job is not the solution. Jobs are getting more and more unsecure, we need to add an extra layer of security that is not job related. For example becoming part of our crowd revolution can crate that extra security. By working together we can create long term prosperity, maybe even to the extent that you no longer need a job.

It is time to start thinking differently, to make different choices.