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We all dream about hitting the big jackpot. This one lottery ticket or investment that will secure out financial future. unfortunately, winning the lottery is not an easy task, it is close to impossible to secure the big prize – and its also comes down to pure luck, there is nothing you can do to increase your chances of winning. So how do you get a massive return?

Let’s start by looking at your options:

  • Investing in a lottery will not make earn you 10 000% - a loss is guaranteed.
  • Investing is stocks could have earned you 100-200% back in 2010 – today there is fair chance of loss.
  • Investing in IPOs can earn you 100-200% - but how do you find the companies to support?
  • Investing in gold can earn you 50% - gold has been flat since 2012, but it will soon see a rise
  • Investing in Bitcoin can earn you 100-200% – there is a fair chance of success.
  • Investing in Forex can earn you 100% - risk is sky high, there is good chance of loss.
  • Your typical crypto and MLM scam might promise to earn you 300% - a loss is guaranteed.

Of all the options, there is not a single one that come close to 1000%, not even the ‘to good to be true’ scams that people invest hundreds of millions into every year (sadly, there are hundreds of scams operating, many promoted by network marketing).

So how do you find your 10 000% investment?
You need to invest into a start-up business. The next Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Uber, to name a few.

When supporting start-ups luck will surely play a key role. Many start-ups fail. For some it is easier to succeed than others; the billionaire investors of Silicon Valley have the power to decide which companies will be the next billion-dollar company. But you and me can also affect the value of a business, by working together we can create the next billion-dollar business.

So, we need two factors to start our journey towards sky high returns:

  • We need to locate the right start-up to support, one with huge potential.
  • And we need to work together as a community/crowd and build the brand of the business.

ASPIRING could be your ticket to significant returns

In ASPIRING people are joining forces to support not only a great idea, we support a ground breaking concept where we are changing how businesses are created and promoted.

ASPIRING is in addition to be our community, the worlds first crowd marketing business where we rely solely on sharing to promote businesses and brands. It could be the future of advertising, sharing is way more effective than paid advertising, and it creates loyalty. Advertising is a $560 billion market. Advertising is why Facebook and Google are billion dollar companies.

We also support new and innovative business concepts in ASPIRING. Initially we are focusing on the travel sector as it represents a huge potential for innovation. The first concept our members can support is an online booking business. Hotel and travel bookings are a $200 billion market. Online booking overall close to a trillion dollars.

ASPIRING is different - it is a fair business opportunity

We believe that in the future business will be owned by many rather than a few billionaires. This is why we are sharing ASPIRING with early members; you can own ASPIRING. We also enable people to create an income by sharing, after all your investments will not pay off for a few years. Simply share us with your friends and social networks to earn thousands.

Keep in mind that there is no guaranty. Supporting innovation is high risk, this is why the reward can grow into thousands of percent. Invest only what you can afford to lose.

ASPIRING operates in compliance with the EU Article 3(2) of the Prospectus Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2017/1129). The new prospectus regulation allows European companies to raise up to €8 million every 12 months from retail investors. Note that this is not a public offering, you need to register as a member before you can invest. Members from outside EU/EEA should check local laws before investing. We cannot accept US investors at this time.