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What is the sharing economy? The real sharing economy has very little in common with the sharing economy of Silicon Valley. Companies like Uber and Airbnb claim to have invented the sharing economy, but their sharing economy is not real, it is a traditional business model branded to make people believe that its beneficial and fair to people involved. When a handful of people become billionaires and everyone else work with less pay and security you do not have a sharing economy, you have capitalism at its worst. It’s the only business model Silicon Valley knows.

In ASPIRING we are building the real sharing economy, this simply means that its beneficial to everyone involved, its fair and its transparent. The real sharing economy has some great advantages over traditional business models, read on and learn why you need to get involved:

Sharing creates loyalty. Take hotel booking sites, they have to spend more and more money on marketing as there is no loyalty, if you on the other hand build your brand by sharing you get loyal customers.

Sharing is way more effective than paid advertising. Some suggest that sharing is ten times as effective as paid advertising. So instead of spending 1 billion on Google advertising, spend 100 million on rewarding people sharing and get the same result – plus loyalty!

Sharing creates financial security. In the real sharing economy people own the businesses, and they promote them. Contrary to the business model of companies like Facebook we share the wealth on many, this is the financial model of the future.

Sharing creates recession-proof businesses. We will soon be hit by another financial crises, what goes up will come down (the basics of financials). Traditional business will lose revenue, and stock prices will go down (probably with as much as 50%, if not more). The real sharing economy on the other hand picks up speed during financial crises and recessions. People look for an alternative, they look for fair business models enabling them to create an income.

This last point is important. Rich people invest into gold to secure their wealth, the gold price goes up when share prices go down. But if you are not rich, what are your options, you need an asset that generates an income, gold only secures wealth? You become involved in the real sharing economy, it will generate an income for you, and it not only secures wealth, it creates wealth during the crises.

The real sharing economy is your future financial security. Make sure you become involved today!