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Crowd funding has over the years gotten a lot of media attention, you kind of get a feeling that everyone is investing, but the reality is that most people have still to make their first crowd funding investment. Even worse, most people have yet to make their first investment overall. A lot of people actually consider their home an investment, which it is not, it is a place you live. So why don’t people invest?

There is an amazing upside supporting new business ideas early. Over the last 10 years there have been a great upside investing in just about any business. Supporting new businesses is of course riskier, but if you get it right, you can be set for life. Investing more traditionally will over time generate some decent returns as well, investing is the ONLY way to create financial security.

I think we all can agree that we would have invested in Uber back in 2010 knowing what we know today, but most of us would never have considered it back then. So, what did we miss out on? The early investors in Uber has a return of 200 000% if we use the current value of $80 billion. It would be fairly much the same result if you invested in Airbnb, Facebook, WhatsApp….

So why did we not invest?

First of all, we need to change our mindset to accept that these kinds of investments are out there. We need to see the value of risking a few thousand dollars. Taking no risk is the biggest risk of them all.

Then we need to be part of a group or community which enables us to access early investments. The Uber deal was not public, they targeted investors. Crowd funding is one way to access early investments, ASPIRING is another way to become an early investor.

We created ASPIRING to enable people to become involved early, supporting and building businesses they own. We are not a crowd funding business; we are a sharing community. We do much more than funding a business, we will actively build the business. And we enable people to earn an income through sharing a business we own together. It is the future of doing business.

We are building the real sharing economy, make sure you become involved today.


In 2010, a group of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists invested about $1.6 million in an unknown startup called UberCab, which aimed to let people hail a luxury black car through a smartphone app. First Round Capital, a VC firm was one of the backers, investing $1.5 million. A seed stage fund invested $100,000.