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Big corporations rule the world, how can we compete with for example two booking giants which in total spend $10 billion on marketing annually? The answer is simple, by working together, as a community – as a crowd. When people support people we all benefit, both financially and socially.

You can join ASPIRING for free, there is no risk or commitment. Share us with others and help build a community/crowd where the benefits grow bigger as we become more and more people. Become part of a life changing opportunity where everyone benefits! ASPIRING is all about people, about you.

Sharing/crowd economy, what is the buzz? Well, it is the future of doing business. While the term sharing economy have been misused by many, the real sharing economy is growing quickly. When people join forces the sharing economy becomes a crowd economy. The crowd economy is predicted to grow by 3500% in the next 5 to 10 years.

In ASPIRING we are building the real sharing economy, our concept is fairer, cheaper and better, which are the main foundations of the crowd economy. Simply explained the crowd economy take place between people; instead of big corporations controlling the economy, people control the economy.

Financial security

We live in an uncertain world, creating financial security and prosperity is becoming increasingly important. But where do we start? We believe that ASPIRING is where we all should start. Our financial model is beneficial to everyone involved. As we grow our travel brands, people around the world will not only earn a daily income, they will create financial security for the future. Take the first step today and become part of ASPIRING and learn more about our unique concept.


People working together

The core of our concept is the people. We are bringing people together from all over the world, people who are looking for change and new opportunities. ASPIRING is all about the power of many; the more people we are the bigger impact will we have. Thousands of people can make a massive difference for a small business, millions of people will transform the business. The same goes for people, by working together we can inspire people into becoming aspiring entrepreneurs, aspiring business owners and aspiring ambassadors for our new and unique travel brands.