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In ASPIRING we believe that by working together we can create prosperity for many. People supporting people and innovative businesses is the future. We refer to our vision as the real sharing economy, an economy where everyone benefits. It is part of the crowd economy, predicted to grow from $450 billion to $16 trillion by 2030.  We are not building a traditional business; we are building a business by people for people!

Contrary to what many people think, companies like Uber and Airbnb did not create the sharing economy. And the sharing economy they represent has very little to do with sharing, some even claim these companies are no longer sharing economy businesses. They are built on a business model making a handful of people billionaires while everyone else works for less money than if they had a traditional job. The sharing economy is when everyone benefits, do you really think the Uber driver in London, earning an average of £5 per hour, feels like he is part of a fair economy?

ASPIRING is creating the real sharing economy and we are inviting you to become part of it.

Our sharing economy enables you to create financial security for the future. It enables you to earn thousands per month simply by sharing. We are building a financial model for the future, it will change everything!

The sharing economy is a 1-to-1 economy, when we build it together it becomes a crowd economy.

I founded my first online business in 1998 which was launched at one of the first ‘First Tuesday’ events in Bergen in early 2000, with Microsoft as sponsor. I went on to work as a project manager for TV2 in Norway for a few years, after this I have worked as a freelancer, entrepreneur and visionary. I have experience from financial development, online gambling, affiliate networks and much more. For the last 10-15 years I have been passionate about financials. How can we build a fair financial model? How can we create a platform that enables people to create not only income but also future financial security? In 2018 I started working on creating ASPIRING. Creating something totally unique takes time, it took ASPIRING two years to grow into the concept we have today, we are now ready to make an impact on peoples lives around the world. We are building the real sharing economy; we have a clear vision on how to enable people to build an income and financial security through sharing. The real sharing economy will change everything!

John Hegrenes, founder ASPIRING

I worked most of my life as a self-employed entrepreneur, special areas are construction and innovation within vehicles and energy. For many years I developed a concept for round houses, today I live in Sweden's only globe/round house. Round houses are superior to traditional housing, they are also much more energy effective. I have been involved in a number of concepts in manufacturing as well, for example the design and sale of windsurfing boards in the 1980s. For many years I was involved in the marine field with my own agency representing some of the more well-known brands. I to this date have a passion for boats. Throughout my career I have worked with various foreign companies around the world, such as the United States and Arab countries, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia. After 50 years doing business in Sweden and internationally, I have a global contact network which will be extremely valuable when we build ASPIRING into a global brand. The real sharing economy will completely change how people experience work and income.

Garry Söderholm, co-founder ASPIRING / ITC founder

My entrepreneurial career started early, with import and direct sales. At the age of 20 I had more than 30 employees full and part time in the industrial sector. I have experience from hotel and property management. I have worked with international brand names such as Porsche, Mercedes, Subaru, Bosch and Semperit. And Swedish brands names such as LKAB, Boliden Mineral, Skanska. Throughout my career I have built a large global network of leading people in various special areas. For the past 25 years I been deeply involved in a number of well-known direct selling companies, successfully building business in Sweden and internationally. I have been a driving force in developing and promoting the concept of direct selling so that it would become more widely recognised as a business model for most people. I have been active in the media educating people and the media on the many benefits of direct selling. But with ASPIRING direct selling as we know it could become a thing of the past, in the sharing economy people don’t sell, they share.

Lars G Nyström, co-founder ASPIRING / ITC founder