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In ASPIRING we believe that by working together we can create prosperity for many. People supporting people and innovative businesses is the future. We refer to our vision as the true shared economy, an economy where everyone benefits. Our focus is on the travel industry because it revolves around people – we are not building a traditional business; we are building businesses by people for people!

Contrary to what most people think, companies like Uber and Airbnb did not create the shared economy. They created a business model that made a handful of people billionaires while everyone else works for less money than if they had a traditional job. The sharing economy is when everyone benefits, do you really think the Uber driver in London, earning an average of £5 per hour, feels like he is part of a fair economy?

ASPIRING is creating the real sharing economy and we are inviting you to become part of it.

Our sharing economy enables you to create financial security for the future. It enables you to earn thousands per month simply by sharing. We are building a financial model for the future, within one of the biggest financial sectors in the world, travel and tourism.

The shared economy is a 1-to-1 economy, when we build it together it becomes a crowd economy.

For the last 10-15 years I have been passionate about financials. How can we build a fair financial model? How can we create a platform which enables people to create not only an income but also future financial security? For years, while I was working on other projects, an early idea matured into a concept, which eventually grew into ASPIRING. In 2018 I finally found the time to start working on creating ASPIRING. First it was a very general concept, but one day me and some friends talked about travel and it hit me, travel is the perfect sector for ASPIRING. I wanted to create something that makes a difference to people, travel is all about people. Since that day I have been researching the industry, talking to suppliers and today we see the early results of this work. We are creating something totally unique within a sector which offers massive opportunities. Make sure you become part of ASPIRING today, it can become an extremely rewarding journey.

John Hegrenes, founder of ASPIRING