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Our vision is to create a community, a crowd, of people who by working together can create prosperity for many. ASPIRING is our community and crowd marketing business. We support and promote new brands within the travel and tourism industry. We are building the true shared economy where everyone benefits rather than a few. 

The core of our business is the people. We are bringing people together from all over the world, people who are looking for change and new opportunities. ASPIRING is all about the power of many; the more people we are the bigger impact will we have. Thousands of people can make a massive difference for a small business, millions of people will transform the business. The same goes for people, by working together we can inspire people into becoming aspiring entrepreneurs, aspiring business owners and aspiring ambassadors for the real shared economy.

Contrary to what many thinks, companies like Uber and Airbnb did not create the shared economy. They created a business model that made a handful of people billionaires while everyone else is doing all the work, and covering all the costs of being part of the economy. Does it sound fair to you?

ASPIRING is creating the true shared economy and we are inviting you to become part of it.

In ASPIRING we work together with a purpose to achieve mutually beneficial goals. We are creating a crowd, a community, where everyone will benefit. This is fair, and what the crowd/shared economy is all about.

The shared economy is a 1-to-1 economy, when we build it together it becomes a crowd economy.

ASPIRING is by no mean a technology company, but new technology plays an important part in making our concepts come to life. Our goal is to make travel easier and better, and to save you money while traveling. Our travel universe will offer you the best tools to simplify all sides of travel and entertainment. And as we grow, we will expand from offering only hotel bookings to maybe restaurant bookings. We will make what you want us to make, we are building innovative solutions for our crowd, for you. Your feedback will ensure we build solutions that excite people, make them want to travel.