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The core of ASPIRING is you. Our vision of bring people together from all over the world can only come to life if you and many others join us. This is why we made it free to join, but you will have to be referred by an existing member.

So why join? By being a part of our crowd, you will get access to beneficial deals, and you can support new and innovating travel ideas. You can also earn money by sharing us with your social network. 

The Crowd Economy is built around person-to-person activities, often referred to as P2P. When we work together, P2P becomes a crowd. The shared economy, with companies such as Uber and Airbnb, is part of the Crowd Economy. The crowd concept is fairly new, the first P2P lending concept was launched in 2006, crowd funding was launched after the financial crises in 2007-08 simply because banks did not have money to lend out.

As a member of our crowd, you will be among the first to access new and innovating travel businesses. You will also be able to support new ideas, creating financial security for the future.

The Crowd Economy - Faster, Fairer, Cheaper and Better

With our FREE membership you have everything to gain by becoming a part of ASPIRING. Do not miss out on this unique opportunity to become part of the life changing Crowd Economy. You might decide to take a more passive role today, but this will change in the future when we launch something you feel passionate about.