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ASPIRING is built solely by sharing, but where many other companies expect you to share for free, we instead pay you for sharing. Becoming part of our Crowd Marketing team is free and simple; accept our sharing terms and you are ready to start making money from your personal referrals.

Internal and external commissions

Different income opportunities

Internal commissions are generated from sales taking place within ASPIRING, for example from people subscribing to educational and marketing tools. We also have a business membership which generates additional commissions.

Travel concepts we launch or work with generate sales outside ASPIRING, being separate businesses operating on their own. These businesses pay us for promoting them, we then pay you based on the sales generate by your sharing.

How much can I earn?

Commissions will vary from product to product, and from business to business. Typical a Crowd Marketeer will earn 5-15% from a sale. Our business membership purchase generates 10% commission for free affiliates, which can earn you up to 150 euro per sale, on personal sales. Business members, €20 per month, earn 20% on personal sales.

Joining our Crowd Marketing team for free enables you to earn commissions from your personal referrals/sales. By paying a monthly fee of 20 euro you can increase your earnings as a Business member. You can also earn commissions from your crowd, your friends of friends, as a Business member. Your crowd can easily grow into thousands of people, generating significant commissions.

It's all about sharing

Every day we share things with people around us. Facebook is built solely by sharing. We chose which films to watch based on our friends’ opinions. In Aspiring we rely solely on sharing to build our business, we don’t sell or advertise, we build our business based on your personal recommendation.

The more people we become the better our concept becomes, this is the driving force of our community. By sharing us with your friends and social network you not only help a great vision come to life, as a Crowd Marketeer you can also build a residual income which will generate earnings for years to come.