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Most companies expect you to share for free, not ASPIRING. We pay you for all revenue generated by your sharing. And we not only pay for revenue generated by your personal referred members, we pay you for sales made by their friends as well* – your friends of friends. You can quickly earn thousands per month simply by sharing ASPIRING with others.

There is a big buzz about influencers, famous people and bloggers earning tons of money sharing products online. But people don’t trust influencers, they trust you. By combining affiliate marketing with crowd marketing and the influencer model ASPIRING have created the world’s most effective and rewarding marketing system.

Friends of Friends

Your network of members, your crowd, grows as you and your friends introduce new members to ASPIRING. You might introduce 5 personal friends, or 25 – there is no limit to how many personal referrals you can have. Your friends then start sharing ASPIRING with their personal friends, before you know it your friends of friend’s network have grown into thousands of people who can generate commissions for you.

Facebook some years ago made a calculation on how big a friends of friends network could grow. A person with 100 personal friends can have over 100 000 friends of friends in his social network. This gives you an idea about how rewarding sharing ASPIRING with others can become.

People have different goals, different ambitions. In ASPIRING you can share us with your friends and support our travel concepts, taking a more relaxed approached. Or maybe you want to replace your job with a new and rewarding lifestyle, traveling the world sharing ASPIRING with others. No matter what you choose, ASPIRING will become rewarding and as we grow our business, we believe you will be surprised over just how rewarding ASPIRING can be.

Income Example; With only 2500 paid members in your crowd (friends of friends) you will earn between €25 000 and €187 500 per year, depending on their membership levels. Will €25 000 make a difference to your life? Will close to €200 000 become life changing? You can earn close to unlimited commissions by sharing ASPIRING with others. Don’t miss out on this extremely rewarding opportunity.

You can join ASPIRING and upgrade to an Affiliate for free and earn commissions on personal referred members purchases. By becoming a paid member your personal commissions will double, and you can start earning commissions from your friends of friends. Our pay plan is fair and rewarding, enabling you to earn maximum commissions from only €200 per year / €20 per month.